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2023 April

PRISM Wi-Fi's participation in the Smart City Asia 2023 was a resounding success

PRISM Wi-Fi’s participation in the event was a resounding success, with attendees and exhibitors from around the world showing great interest in the company’s solutions for creating smarter and more efficient cities. The company’s team of experts provided attendees with
valuable insights and practical advice on how to leverage technology to improve connectivity and enhance the quality of life in urban areas.
“Smart City Asia 2023 was a fantastic opportunity for PRISM Wi-Fi to showcase our innovative solutions for creating smarter cities,” said Chloe Yang, a Sales Director of PRISM Wi-Fi.

“We were thrilled to share our expertise with attendees and to demonstrate how our products can help cities become more connected and efficient.”

PRISM Wi-Fi’s products and services enable cities, venues, and businesses to provide seamless and secure Wi-Fi connectivity to their customers and visitors. Its solutions are designed to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.
The event provided a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing PRISM Wi-Fi to connect with like-minded professionals and to explore new business opportunities. The company was thrilled to be part of Smart City Asia 2023 and looks forward to continuing to participate in events that promote the development of smart cities. 
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