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Terms and Conditions

Qualifications, Terms and Conditions:
  1. Free AP/Router recipient must work in a system integrator company that is interested in becoming a distributor, reseller or a project owner of an internet service provider.
  2. Limited to one AP/Router per organization.
  3. All free AP/Router must be approved by Prism management.
  4. Free AP/Router must be installed in real field application.
  5. Free AP recipient must share the deployment experience after free AP/Router is installed.
  6. Prism reserves the right to take back the device if the deployment experience is not shared.
  7. Free AP recipient is responsible for the shipping cost, taxes, duty and customs fees which may apply.
  8. Free AP/Router may be new or used. Products may not be resold or supplied to others.
  9. Prism makes no warranty of Free AP/Router.
  10. This promotion is for a limited time and Prism has the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time.
Share the deployment experience by returning the mail to:
  1. Project Background
  2.  Requirement (no. of users, coverage/range, data rate…)
  3. Solution (no. of model)
  4. Outcome (photos of field application, speed test data…)
  5. User Experience (the convenience of UI, product appearance, performance…)
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