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The need to stay connected, no matter where you are, has become a top priority for people around the world; many simply take for granted there will be a wireless connection available wherever they go.
Whether they’re at a bank or retail establishment, a college or healthcare facility or massive public spaces, like airports and sporting venues, the public and employees alike simply expect convenient, robust wireless connectivity that’s safe and secure. Now, Browan Communications’ PRISM provides the optimum Wi-Fi Solution.

Recently, PRISM struck a channel agreement with Tri Cascade in Irvine, Calif., to collaborate on design and delivery of solutions specifically for the U.S. market, thereby expanding the reach and availability of PRISM solutions.

The Tri Cascade device will integrate PRISM Wi-Fi 6 access point technology with a 5G dongle, thereby enabling consumers to take advantage of ultra-fast, ultra-low latency 5G internet access where available and share that link via Wi-Fi 6 with others.
“In our continued push for innovation, Tri Cascade Inc. is announcing our collaboration with PRISM to launch an integrated Wi-Fi 6e router and our Tri Cascade VOS 5G dongle to keep our customers 24/7 connected. In our need to always be connected, with fast and reliable internet this collaboration provides our customers with the best of both worlds. VOS and PRISM can be used in-place of the home internet router provided by your carrier that gives instant failover to a high speed 5G network. VOS and PRISM offer a very diverse solution for “Office on the Go”, remote network requirements, as well as failover in the home or your business. And if there is no internet connection from your cable provider, VOS and PRISM will still connect you to a super-fast 5G network to keep going “no cables required”.
— Max Li, CEO of Tri Cascade Inc.
The Browan Communications PRISM
Last year, Browan Communications introduced its PRISM Wi-Fi 6 family of enterprise wireless routers with the goal of fulfilling the promise of this high-performance Wi-Fi standard and delivering the greatest value to customers.

PRISM Wi-Fi 6 routers, available in separate designs for indoor (PRISM MI10 AX6600) and outdoor (PRISM MO10 AX6600), deliver 6.6Gbps of data throughput to meet the aggressive peak demand for wireless connectivity in large public spaces. With a built-in tri-band radio supporting 2.4GHz and two 5GHz channels—one low-band (2×2) and one high-band (4×4), PRISM supports the robust connectivity and throughput demands commonly required in public venues where people congregate.

Enhancing the performance of PRISM further in large public venues is the routers’ support for an intelligent Mesh network. When deployed in a Mesh network, PRISM MI10 and MO10 routers deliver greater Wi-Fi availability and coverage, making it possible for enterprises to add network nodes easily, scaling wireless coverage as demand and accessibility requirements evolve.

Centralized management with the PrismX™ Controller is key. A powerful remote network administration tool, PrismX™ Controller simplifies enterprise-level Wi-Fi network management with the ability to monitor and manage multiple-site networks. With the controller, administrators can access real-time analytics from an easy-to-use dashboard for remote monitoring and optimize performance from one place. The PrismX™ Controller makes it possible to visualize a network and access everything needed to troubleshoot problems that arise.

PRISM also launched the MX100, a competitively priced hardware controller that can manage up to 100 access points.
From initially delivering indoor and outdoor wireless solutions in Taiwan through leading distributors, Browan has expanded its sales channel to APAC nations, including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. Most recently, it inked a deal to bring its wireless solutions to North America and Europe.

To meet expectations for nearly universal wireless connectivity, PRISM has developed a roadmap for a range of wireless routers—from today’s PRISM MI10 and MO10 solutions to future wireless routers supporting Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7 and beyond. Each offers—or will offer—the robust performance organizations can count on for reliable, scalable connectivity both indoors and out.

Beyond the hardware, the PrismX™ Controller simplifies monitoring and managing these high-performance wireless networks, making it easy for administrators to respond quickly to changing network conditions and demands, identifying trouble spots and acting accordingly. PRISM is changing the face of wireless routing with its evolving family of advanced solutions aimed squarely at meeting the demands of enterprise-level connectivity.

Following a successful launch of the PRISM MI10 and MO10 routers and PrismX™ Controller in 2022, the company is poised this year to introduce the MI12 AX6000, a Wi-Fi 6 dual-band indoor router; MI13 AX1800, a Wi-Fi 6 dual-band in-wall router; and MI14 AX3000, a Wi-Fi 6 dual-band indoor router supporting large loads, such as those common at schools and corporations and capable of up to 3000Mb/s speeds. 
Proven performance
Browan Communications has a proven track record of delivering superb value for enterprise-level Wi-Fi applications.

Since its founding in 2002, Browan Communications has developed a long line of reliable, high-performance solutions. Its new PRISM family of Wi-Fi 6 routers are already being used in several demanding enterprise deployments in Asia.

For example, an automated agricultural fishery in Singapore has deployed outdoor PRISM MO10 wireless routers and the cloud version of the PrismX™ Controller to centralize farming operations and help make fishing faster, safer and easier.

In Taiwan, a leading design university covers about 970,000 square feet of campus to deliver reliable connectivity to 2,000 students and faculty–many of whom connect with more than one device—with PRISM MI10 and the cloud version of the PrismX™ network controller.  

Elsewhere in Taiwan, a leading resort is using PRISM MI10 routers to provide guests with secure high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the complex. The PRISM MO10 has even enabled live video broadcast from an airborne drone of a large outdoor religious festival in South Jakarta, Indonesia. 
About PRISM and Browan Communications
PRISM is a Browan Communications brand. Browan Communications is a professional wireless equipment company founded in 2002. The company is one of the Gemtek Group’s companies that is focusing in leveraging the wireless technology knowhow accumulated over the years to address the emerging businesses of the Internet of Things.
BROWAN focuses on the integration of wireless technology, such as Wi-Fi, BLE, LTE and LoRa, to customize products for a different multitude of customers in the vertical applications of IoT.

Headquartered in Taiwan, Browan’s innovative solutions combine proven, mature carrier/enterprise application integration technologies that are constructed upon a service-oriented and event-driven architecture.

About Tri Cascade
Tri Cascade, Inc. is an authorized telecom IoT service provider based in Irvine, Calif., with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tri Cascade provides leading-edge NB IoT to 5G solutions and innovation, through its various IoT devices and ONENET B2B IoT Onboarding Platform – certified by Microsoft IoT Sphere under Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub – for business and infrastructure IoT operations.

Tri Cascade’s management team has extensive years of innovation experience in energy efficiency management, home automation, wireless networking and telecom IoT connectivity, as well as cloud management integration services.

Tri Cascade envisions a turnkey IoT business solution for its business partners since recently adding a complete supply chain of manufacturing operations with product development capability in Taiwan.

The annual event of the largest and most influential connectivity is took place in Fira de Barcelona from 2023/2/27~2023/3/2.
PRISM was honored to be here with you in a row years.
During the time, we met lot of people around the world and showed our strongest Wi-Fi technology and solutions.
Many thankful for you all  spent your time with us and kept curiosity about our Wi-Fi products.
Our knowledgeable staff always stood by your side and answer any questions about Wi-Fi products or partnership possibility.
We much highly appreciated that anyone came to our booth this time.
If you couldn’t be at the MWC this year, don’t worry, please directly email us:
Please stay tuned until we meet next time.
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